In March of this year, I was teaching at the New York Botanic Garden with a dreamy literary launch ahead of me: a book party in London, time with my son in Paris, followed by a celebration on the publication day of Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style at a small château in France. As bookshops closed the world over and my sadness settled into grief, I struggled to create beauty from my garden. One day, I saw this old box in my studio. It’s a fruit crate, maybe six inches deep with slats for a back. I came to see it as a form of containment and safety—a defined space to function within, mirroring my life in the pandemic.
These prints are offered as an open edition. They are giclée printed on matte acid-free 100% cotton archival paper. The image size is 16x22 inches. A one-inch border makes the paper size 18x24. For alternate sizes and pricing, please enquire.